News Flash: You Can Now Measure Your Bra Size By Taking Selfies For A New App


The Cut

For all of us who suffer emotional distress from bra fittings, our era of anxiety could very well be over.

A new app called ThirdLove uses two selfies—one per boob—to measure a new, accurate size for you. And don't fret: your bra can stay on during said selfies. [The Cut]

Lululemon's founder and chairman Chip Wilson, on the brand's infamous translucent yoga pants: "They don’t work for some women’s bodies." Oh, no. [Fashionista]

Just when we thought Alexander McQueen was in the clear after its first appalling racism lawsuit in July, a second suit came rearing its unfortunate, ugly head this week. [Styleite]

Surprise! Supermodel Cara Delvingne's plan to transition from modeling to acting has been going more smoothly than she anticipated. Case in point: "I just suddenly got one movie and then another one and then another one." [Grazia]

To quote OutKast circa 2000, Zara's November lookbook truly is so fresh and so clean. Employing the brand's signature sense of minimalism, each shot is taken against an all-white background, showcasing cozy knits, muted palettes and simplistic designs. Yum. [Racked]

"Liver and lover of life; professional laugher, eater, make-believer." Which celebrity joined Twitter today and made this little line her bio? Extra points for her appropriate use of the semicolon. [E!]


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