WATCH: Wes Anderson's Prada Movie Is Here!

Digital Fashion News Writer


Prada, Wes Anderson, and Jason Schwartzman—it's a match made in fashion heaven.

Much to our disappointment, Wes Anderson's latest flick isn't titled The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders, despite our vehement, SNL-fueled desire. Instead, the acclaimed The Royal Tennenbaums' director has joined forces with Prada to create an eight-minute short film, Castello Cavalcanti—which debuted today at the Rome Film Festival and, we promise you, is just as great as SNL's aforementioned spoof.

It's September, 1955. In a somewhat unsurprising casting choice, Castello Cavalcanti stars longtime Anderson collaborator Jason Schwartzman as a driver who has just crashed his racing car into Jesus Christ. We needn't delve too deep into details, but the film's settings are intricate, the characters well-developed and the camera style is, well, characteristic of an Anderson production.

Last year, Prada collaborated with Roman Polanski on A Therapy, which starred Helena Bonham-Carter and Ben Kingsley. We're already looking forward to seeing who the luxury fashion house will work with next.

Watch Castello Cavalcanti below, and head to for more information!