PHOTOS: Tavi Gevinson Looks Almost Marilyn Monroe-Like In Cole Haan's Holiday Campaign

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Cole Haan

We're not sure whether it's the ear-grazing, platinum bob or her doe-eyed gaze, but 17-year-old Tavi Gevinson is exuding some serious glamour for Cole Haan's new Holiday 2013 ads.

Fashion's best-loved prodigy is spearheading the label's Talented and Gifted campaign, which is promoting a cast of similarly impressive wunderkinds; aside from Gevinson, our second favorite featurees might be the too-cool-for-school seventh graders who make up the Brooklyn-based band, Unlocking the Truth.

But it's Gevinson's elegant shots that are the true standouts, looking demurely, well, kind of hot, in head-to-toe crimson and statement gold pumps. Though the Rookie Magazine editor and onetime eccentric dresser (see: the Christian Dior bow situation of 2010) has claimed to be "over" fashion, this Cole Haan campaign proves she's definitely still partaking in affiliated festivities.

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Cole Haan


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