Amazon Prime Air's Drones Could Make 30-Minute Delivery A Reality (Yes, Really)

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When it comes to shopping, there might be nothing more frustrating than the wait that follows placing an order online. Even if you're eager enough to splurge on overnight shipping, you still have a good 24 hours standing between you and your beloved purchase.

According to Amazon, there's a new future of delivery on the horizon, thanks to its just-debuted fleet of Prime Air drones. No, this isn't the stuff of Star Wars lore, but instead a way the mega retailer plans to carry packages to customers. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told CBS' 60 Minutes yesterday that semi-autonomous drones—similar to those used in the military—could be commonplace in less than five years; these "octocopters" would use GPS coordinates to find customers and drop those hotly anticipated goods right in your front yard. The drones' current range is within 10 miles of an Amazon distribution center and can carry up to five pounds, which Bezos notes covers roughly 85 percent of its products.

There are, of course, many questions and concerns, mainly of the safety variety. We'll let the Federal Aviation Administration evaluate such specifics, but for now, it's a pretty rad concept to consider.

Watch Amazon Prime Air in use below, and prepare for your jaw to drop.


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