Is Drew Barrymore Naming Her Baby After A Bottle of Perfume?

Digital Fashion News Writer

Getty Images

Drew Barrymore has not only confirmed she and her husband Will Kopelman are expecting a daughter, but apparently the little bundle of joy has a nickname, too: "Chanel No.5." It originally came from Arie Kopelman, Barrymore's father-in-law and former Chanel chairman, since this baby will be his fifth grandchild. Barrymore has, reportedly, been playing along.

Like most celebrity kids' unconventional monikers (Apple, North and Olive, anyone?), Chanel No.5 is actually, well, kind of stylishly cute—as a term of endearment, of course. Barrymore is keeping mum on her thoughts for the baby's actual name (for now), but until she reveals anything, we'll be thinking up other unique names she might choose. Do you guys have any suggestions?


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