Keira Knightley Hits the Red Carpet In Her Wedding Dress

Click through to see all three occassions in which Keira Knightley oh-so-thriftily recycled her previously owned, strapless Rodarte gown over the past five years!

All photos courtesy of Getty Images

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 Digital Fashion News Writer

Keira Knightley shook up the tradition of extravagant, A-list nuptials earlier this year when she chose to tie the knot in a five-year-old, previously owned Rodarte dress. We first spotted the memorable, powder pink piece at a BAFTA event in 2008, and were thrilled to see the 28-year-old rewear that same gown to her May 2013 wedding in the south of France. It's much too pretty to only wear once.

It seems that Knightley agrees: last night she recycled that same dress again for the SeriousFun Gala in London. This time around, though, she refreshed the look by slipping thin lacy shirt beneath the strapless ensemble to create a long-sleeved effect.

Click through above to see photo evidence of her three-times recycled gown, and let us know: Which of these looks is your favorite?


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