WATCH: Lana Del Rey's Short Film, Tropico, Is Finally Here!

Click through to see all the barely-there looks in Lana Del Rey's new short film, Tropico. Plus, we shopped out a few (slightly more wearable) fashions, so you don't have to!

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What do you get when you pair the beautifully eccentric Lana Del Rey with Anthony Mandler, the man behind Rihanna, Jay Z and Taylor Swift's most explosive music videos? Why, a 27-minute biblical-based epic, of course.

That, of course, would be Lana Del Rey's just-released, hotly-anticipated Tropico short film that features Del Rey as Eve. Sounds steamy, huh? Well, it is. There's no making this stuff up: the film opens with a foursome (no, not like that) of actors playing Marilyn Monroe, Jesus Christ, John Wayne and Elvis Presley, followed by an extensive strip club scene. Throughout the juicy film, we hear three of Del Rey's hits: "Body Electric," "Gods and Monsters" and "Bel Air," all from last year's Born to Die album.

Cinematically, it's an incredibly stunning film thanks to Mandler's genius combination of swirling hues and hazy shimmer. And it may be somewhat unconventional as far as music videos go, but, well, welcome to Del Rey's wonderful world of unconventionality.

Watch the full film below!


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