News Flash: Rihanna Is Turning Three Of Her New Apartment's Four Bedrooms Into Closets


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Not only is Rihanna paying a "reasonable" $39,000 per month for her brand-new Manhattan duplex penthouse, but she is also converting three of the unit's four bedrooms into closets.

We would ordinarily make various sarcastic comments in regards to this excess, but, let's be honest: RiRi's kind of living the dream. Nothing to see here, folks! [Page Six]

This is when you know the current juicing craze has gotten extremely out of hand. [Refinery 29]

Scarlett Johansson, interestingly enough, on cheese: "I like to smell cheese, I like to watch people enjoying it and I like to encourage people to eat cheeses I know taste really good." Word! [The Cut]

Jessica Hart has "certainly learnt [her] lesson" after those Taylor Swift comments. [The Daily Mail]

In heartwarmingly amazing news, Justin Timberlake stopped performing in the middle of a Louisville, KY concert to bring a couple onstage for a proposal. [Oh No They Didn't!]

In loving memory of nail art (2009-2013). That's right, the trend is officially (well, at least statistically) over. [Fashionista]


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