News Flash: Why Having A Female President Matters, According To Hillary Clinton



Hair icon and pantsuit aficionado Hillary Clinton explains the importance of one day having a female president. [The Huffington Post]

Oh, dear. To directly quote this headline, Urban Outfitters may have gone a little too far with a denim tutu. Feast your eyes on the bizarre ballerina pinafore here! [The Cut]

Can this best and worst TV of 2013 highlight reel just include every clip of Daenerys Targaryen ever, please? [Jezebel]

Chances are, you've pinned one (or several) of these images that have made it into this recap of its most popular fashion pins of 2013. Shall we take a stab at what they might be? [Fashionista]

We all understand that leggings may not be pants, but what about the all-important jeggings? One writer is defending the controversial style. [Styleite]


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