News Flash: Jenna Lyons Will Guest Star As Hannah's Boss On The New Season Of Girls


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Jenna Lyons—and her glasses—will guest star on the upcoming third season of Girls as Hannah Horvath's intimidating boss. Think she can play the part? We're more than fairly confident. [Fashionista]

Rihanna won the holiday nail art game with this festive display of snowmen, candy canes and green ombré shimmer. Go ahead and gawk at the masterpieces here. [Refinery29]

What would you get Cara Delevingne if she suddenly appeared on your Christmas gift-giving list? A book about that guy who ate about a million Big Macs, that's what. Behold, five gift ideas for supermodels and fashion icons you've never actually met! [The Gloss]

This plus-size Barbie is causing a huge debate, and for good reason. [The Huffington Post]

An adult man has digitally recreated Home Alone so he's playing all the characters, and it's absolutely terrifying—but really, you need to see it. [BuzzFeed]


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