News Flash: Rita Ora Has Officially Been Cast In 50 Shades Of Grey


Getty Images

Apparently, singer and It girl Rita Ora is also an actress. For now, anyway.

The 23-year-old songstress has officially been added to the 50 Shades of Grey cast, starring as Christian Grey's adopted sister. [The Huffington Post]

What do you get when you throw Marc Jacobs, Cara Delevingne and Boy George into a room together? Why, a fête thrown in Kate Moss' honor, of course. []

It's time to frame those David Beckham underwear ads for H&M, folks. The chiseled beauty is considering bowing out of the collaboration. [Fashionista]

Renowned French hair stylist Lauren Philippon is releasing a 320-page tome, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy, that's, yes, all about hair. [The Cut]

Breaking Bad currently holds more of an influence over baby names than do the members of the British royal family (read: George, Catherine, William, etc.). Let's just let that fully soak in, shall we? [The Telegraph]


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