News Flash: Elizabeth Olsen's New Movie Looks Really, Really Sexy


Well, then! Who knew the 1800s in Britain were so full of sexual tensions and adulterous sins?

Of course, we're referring to In Secret, Elizabeth Olsen's upcoming flick in which she stars opposite Draco Malfoy—erm, Tom Felton. Watch the trailer here! [YouTube]

Prince Harry recently shipped off to the South Pole and brought this surprising beauty product with him. (We don't blame you, Harry. We don't blame you one bit.) [Telegraph]

No need to jazz this one up: Kimye reportedly found their wedding venue. It's Versailles, because of course it is. [The Cut]

In news that should surprise no one, Gwyneth Paltrow keeps a master Excel spreadsheet of Christmas gifts. This includes people for whom she needs to buy presents, as well as a record of what she's given in the past. [Fashionista]

Emile Hirsch, star of the hotly-anticipated Bonnie and Clyde miniseries, on the title characters: "They weren't virgin lovers...they'd had crazy lives by the time they got together." [Interview]


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