News Flash: Michelle Obama Embraced 2013's Pantone Color Of The Year For One Last Time


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For Sunday's Kennedy Center Honors, FLOTUS Michelle Obama made a last-ditch effort at supporting Pantone's 2013 Color of Year, Emerald Green, in the final weeks of the year.

And man, do we think Mrs. Obama chose the right gown to do so: a silk chiffon Marchesa number in that memorable jewel tone. [Fashionista]

Our number one girl crush Rashida Jones talks candidly about why so many women in entertainment are baring it all these days—and why it's suddenly so expected. (You do you, Jones!) [Glamour]

Speaking of getting naked, Miley Cyrus' Jingle Ball performance this weekend featured a twerking Santa, a fluffy Chanel bag and lots of sequins. Le sigh. [The Huffington Post]

Marc Jacobs, during a recent talk at London’s Tate Modern: "We don’t need fashion. We don't need beautiful buildings. We need clothes for the body. We need food and water to eat. We need a place to live. But we want so much more—and we have so much more. We have beautiful art, beautiful buildings, clothes, fashion, fragrance, cosmetics, music, writing—it's all of them that inspire me." [WWD]

If you need to instill a little faith back into humanity today, this is the read for you. Find out what #PantsForPaull is all about. []


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