EXCLUSIVE: Designer Rachel Antonoff Talks Mistakes, Pranks And How She Got Her Start In The Fashion Biz

Digital Fashion News Writer

There are many reasons why we're in love with Rachel Antonoff, but the overarching reason is simply because she's a ton of fun.

At the designer's Spring 2013 presentation, the fashion set watched her models play badminton and eat cake against an elaborate set of greenery. Antonoff's fast friendship with Lena Dunham (longtime girlfriend of Antonoff's brother and Fun. member Jack) has us under a spell, too, as the duo makes playful videos that are nothing less than a feast for the eyes.

Director Erica Hill is the latest to tap into Antonoff's inner circle thanks to her "Hello My Name Is..." video series, in which Antonoff is gloriously featured. In the Lucky-exclusive clip below, the 32-year-old designer speaks candidly about her early career and the mistakes she made while starting out in the industry: "We were idiots in the beginning. We were so excited to be in Barneys that we got emails from Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and we ignored them, we just never wrote back. When I think about that, I feel ill." Oh, and she also discusses playing a family prank that involved posting dubious Craigslist ads with her brother's telephone number on it (props!).

Watch the super-cute video below—and prepare for your Rachel Antonoff obsession to skyrocket.

Rachel Antonoff from Erica Hill Studio on Vimeo.


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