WATCH: Sofia Coppola Directs Marc Jacobs' New Commercial

Digital Fashion News Writer

We all know that Marc Jacobs and his director muse Sofia Coppola have been pals for quite some time, but Coppola hasn't yet provided her cinematic magic for Jacobs' brand—until now, that is.

In a very ethereal 21 seconds that are way more The Virgin Suicides than The Bling Ring, Coppola directed the brand-new commercial for Jacobs' Daisy perfume. Let's just say we hope there are many more professional projects between the two to come. The very dreamy commercial depicts a leggy blonde striding barefoot in a (presumably) warm, breezy field, before she decides to take a moment away from it all and recline in the grass. The good life, right?

If there's one thing Coppola is good at, it's creating a full-figured, ethereal world we'd all love to inhabit—which is entirely appropriate for Jacobs, a designer known for his whimsical, often kooky designs.

Watch the video below, though beware: you'll instantly want to drop everything and book a flight to a balmy, sunshine-filled locale. You've been warned...


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