Get Your Last-Minute Christmas Gift Delivered By Santa—On A Vespa—Thanks To Zady

Digital Fashion News Writer

If you live in New York and plan on doing some last-minute Christmas shopping online either today or tomorrow, you might be in luck! Not only will you still be able to get your purchase by Christmas Day (and that's a guarantee), but it also could be delivered by a messenger dressed as Santa Claus. On a Vespa. Yes, really.

Online shopping platform Zady has partnered with Vespa for "Operation: Santa," a dreamlike holiday promotion that could quickly turn New York's streets into Milan's...crossed with the North Pole's. Have you ever wanted to catch Santa in the act of a delivery? Now's the time for Big Apple shoppers. According to Zady co-founder Soraya Darabi, if you place an order on the site from now until noon tomorrow, you'll have the option to have your item delivered by a Santa-costumed courier on a state-of-the-art Vespa. Which ought to make your last-minute holiday shopping experience quite a bit more enjoyable, no?


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