Eva Chen's Media Diet Is Majorly Impressive


If you're one of Eva Chen's 100,000-plus Instagram followers, you already know that our editor-in-chief likes to read. A lot. Not only that, but you've probably gathered that she's a total sucker for all things YA-related along with social media, TV shows (new and old), blogs and, naturally, magazines of all makes and models. But how does one of the most stylish and well-read ladies in publishing maintain her literary and pop culture prowess? In The Wire's latest "What I Read" column, we learn exactly what Eva reads, watches and scrolls through all day, every day.

Her "New York-centric" Twitter feed includes a diverse array of internet sources from Business Insider to WhoWhatWear—despite the fact that she actually doesn't "read many daily print items." But, she says, "I get every single magazine you could imagine at work, on a monthly or weekly basis," including overseas magazines. And then, there are the TV shows: Game of Thrones, The Bachelor and Dawson's Creek (score!), for starters.

For the full list, head to TheWire.com now to read up on Eva Chen's impressive media diet!


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