We Want You To Tell Us What You Like About Lucky!


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Any magazine wouldn't be what it is without the help—and voice—of its readers. At Lucky, it's your dressing conundrums that inspire our styling pieces, and it's you who we think of when we're looking for cute, stylish items to include in a shopping story. Now, we need your help again to make Lucky even bigger and better.

Want to come to our New York office and tell to us what you love about our magazine? Well, you're in luck: Luckymag.com is looking for current readers of the magazine and website to talk with us about some new features and designs we're working on. More specifically, we've got our eye on women who are comfortable sharing their honest opinions in an hourlong, one-on-one session. The interviews will be held in our midtown Manhattan office during the day (10 am - 6 pm EST) on February 10 or February 11.

Participants will receive a $75 pre-paid American Express credit card for compensation—how's that for some serious shopping ammo? And though we do wish we could meet with all of you, we have a limited number of slots available. If you're interested, please complete this brief survey so we can get to know a little bit more about you.

If you are selected to participate, someone from our Luckymag.com team will reach out to you to arrange for a one-hour time slot that works best for you.

From shopping for sneakers to getting monthlong outfit inspiration, we're here to help you—and now, we need you to help us.


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