News Flash: Did You Know Jimmy Fallon Modeled For Calvin Klein In 2001?


Jimmy Fallon fronted a Calvin Klein campaign in 2001, you guys. This is not a drill. There are explosions. He explains: "As a comedian, you don't really think that you're good-looking, so when someone asks you if you'd like to model Calvin Klein, you're like, 'Oh my God, yes—yes, I want the billboard to be right over the Improv.'" Well, we're terribly disappointed we weren't able to make this discovery sooner. [Styleite]

Do good this Valentine's Day: Kate Upton and Neff Headwear are joining forces to promote the LOVE Collection, two limited-edition beanies with 10 percent of the proceeds going towards Stand Up To Cancer.  [GQ]

Are you Kendall Jenner-ed out yet? Don't check Vogue's Instagram, then. It's a Kendall-palooza over there. [The Cut]

Allegedly, Kanye West knew everyone would hate the painted Birkin he gave his lady love for Christmas. But that still doesn't make it okay, Yeezy! It just doesn't! Okay?! [Fashionista]

In sorcery news, Beyoncé oh-so-sneakily attended a New York Fashion Week party (wearing milkmaid braids!)—and we're all somehow just now finding out about it now. [E!]

Lupita Nyong'o and Anna Wintour engaged in smiley girl talk in Calvin Klein's front row yesterday. Which basically means it's only a matter of time before Lupita graces her first Vogue cover. [The Huffington Post]


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