3 Almost-Instant, Budget-Friendly Skin Perfecting Tips

Conde Nast Archive

Here in NYC, we are braving the dog days of winter and the wear and tear on my skin is pretty brutal. I've been relying heavily on a few simple and time-efficient steps for reviving my fatigued and worn-out look:

1.) Take a shower-hot or cold, whatever you like best. A hot shower relaxes tight muscles and the steam will help relieve decongestion and clear nasal passages. A cold shower helps tighten up your pores, and the sudden jolt of chilly water will instantly increase alertness. And don’t be afraid to create some atmosphere in there. Use an energizing shower gel or light a candle while you’re soaping up. Just ask Lance.

2.) Brush eyebrows-Many people are surprised at the effectiveness of this simple grooming step. Even brows that are shaped can be messy after a workout, washing your face or a long day at the office. By taking a brow brush (or even a clean toothbrush) and sweeping all of the eyebrow hair in one direction, eyes will look bigger and clearer and your smile will seem to have an extra beam to it. And if you have a few extra minutes, fill in your brows in with some color.

3.) Pull your hair into a ponytail-And we don’t mean a messy, bed-head, hanging-around-the-house ponytail. We are talking about a super-sleek, neat, ponytail high on the crown of your head or low at the nape of your neck. You will feel like your style has been refreshed when your hair has smoothed out with a little mousse, balm or serum to tame any and all fly-aways. Don’t pull the ponytail so tight that hair breaks, but if you pull it back with enough resistance to get all the hair in a clip, the gentle tug will have a little face-lift effect that energizes your look instantly. Also, make sure your hair accessory has some personality. Try something with an Art Deco-inspired abstract print.

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