You'll Love Jewelry Designer Hilary Park's Astrological Pendants

Hilary Park is a Brooklyn-based designer with a gorgeous sliver of a store on a quiet street in Williamsburg—not to mention an awesome website full of visually rich photographs of her stunning designs. Her pieces all seem to be inspired by a magical fantasy world, with dinosaur cufflinks, spiky eclipse bangles, silver whipstitched cuffs and Maori bracelets that look like ninja stars (although a playful disclaimer notes that "any resemblance to any imagined weaponry, current or former, is entirely coincidental").

Park makes almost everything in-house, working with one-of-a-kind stones, sheet metal and hand saws. "I create hand-made pieces that are unreplicatable but not out of reach," she told me. The result is a collection of delicate, charming and slightly addictive treasures at a wide variety of price points (from $85 to $25,000). Each one has a heft to it that feels good and somehow, well, meaningful.

My favorite Park items are these astrological pendants—small silver discs featuring artistic interpretations of each sign's symbol. The collection was inspired by Park's pre-jewelry-designer days as a Wall Street bond trader. "Since the first rule of bond trading is 'Don't trade if there is nothing to trade,' I became an astrologer to bored traders," she said. When Park was laid off from her finance job, her former co-workers were happy to start paying for her previously-free astrological insights. She later learned that in India, some stones are said to cure astrological ills—and she couldn't resist the chance to add zodiac-based jewelry design to her chart-reading skills.

"When I first started, I internally criticized my own work because it had imperfections," Park explained. "But now I love them...a machine could not create them."


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