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In an industry that expected compliance and consistency from its models, she changed with audacious frequency. The season after she chopped her hair off in 1988, every major design house dropped her. A year later, she was on the cover of British Vogue and the face of Versace.
Yes, Rihanna has been wearing cropped tops and pleated pants but can you really say she does it better than Linda?
And now she's platinum!!
Back to brunette, but no less dramatic in a black Yves Saint Laurent ensemble, with a bold lip and luxe accessories.
The thing about being a supermodel is, an outfit that might totally overwhelm most people—a gleaming YSL pantsuit, for example—just looks like comfortable clothes on you.
Perhaps our favorite; this Lanvin leather-and-floppy-bow outfit is the perfect representation of Evangelista's tough, sexy, feminine persona.
But she's also lovely in this delicious lilac confection from Stefano Pilati for YSL.
Blonde again! And a gleaming column of cool in this elegant vintage Pierre Cardin.
She's a mom now, yet this white bow blouse and pencil skirt look anything but demure.
She’d make any LBD look good, but it doesn’t hurt that this one is Prada. Has she settled on this hair color? History says doubtful.