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Natalia Kills
Her Twitter account bills her as a "UK girl living in a Hollywood world," which seems right on target to us. But with the buzz her upcoming Interscope album Trouble has already and the style attention she's getting (MTV Style, Pulp Magazine, The Cut) we expect we'll all be living in her world soon. Check out her video for "Controversy" if you doubt us...
Her Pick: Jeremy Scott Linda Farrow TV Screen Square Sunglasses
“Jeremy Scott glasses make a fabulous gift for every girl. You can never have too many accessories.”
Emily Haines of Metric
As Rolling Stone said of Haines, "She understands the power of a performer's aesthetics and how they enhance the dynamic between artist and audience far too innately to ever let her style standards slide. These strengths, of course, are what make Haines an outsider to some but an icon to many – especially young females in search of an intellectual kindred spirit who isn't afraid to look great." We totally agree--though it's Metric's unabashed hooks and indie spirit that seal the deal. Check out their fifth full-length studio album Synthetica, out now.

Her Pick: Soundwagon Portable Record Player
"Embrace the past and enhance the future with this perfect party gift for someone you think deserves some simple pleasure."
Noelle Scaggs of Fitz & the Tantrums
If indie-soul is you're thing, or even if you have no idea what that would sound like but are intrigued, check out Fitz & The Tantrums.  According to band-leader Fitz, the band wouldn't be the same without his partner-in-crime, Noelle Scaggs. "She is not just a backup singer,” he says. “We have repartee. Onstage, we’re Ike and Tina.” A high bar for sure, but one this rousing, rhythmic group reaches.
Kate Earl

Music is everything to Kate Earl (though she's no slouch when it comes to style either). A year ago she was selling her guitar to make ends meet for her and her baby and now her album Stronger is out. Her rootsy singer-songwriter style and peaceful, easy California vibe (though she's originally from Alaska) make us glad she didn't throw in the towel.


"I found this In my neighborhood at Pink. I love it scent because I rub saffron on my wrists and nape of my neck when I use it for cooking. Such a beautiful spice."
Casket Girls
Elsa and Phaedra Greene are the voices of The Casket Girls, a spacey three-piece band hailing from Savannah, GA. The trio's sound runs the gamut--epic, haunting, poppy, dark, disco-y. sixties-inspired—and is always intriguing. But what else would you expect from a group whose press photos have them blindfolded and feature two girls who play autoharp? Check out "Sleepwalking" to get a taste of their sound.

Their Pick: Silk Pajamas
"Silk pajamas are the perfect gift for any woman. They make you feel glamorous even when you're sleeping."
Sevyn Streeter
"Music is emotional. Your job is to make people feel something. The best way to do that is to sing and speak from something they've personally been through. That's where I write from," Amber ‘Sevyn' Streeter says. And if the tracks we've heard from her upcoming Atlantic album are any indication, this 26 year old pop/R&B artist has done her job well. Listen to "I Like It" for a preview of what to expect from her.

Her Pick: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner by Lush
“It smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I’ve been in love with this product from the first time I used it. It’s perfect for the cold winter months."
Beca's Tumblr gives you insight into her sound, style and inspirations. From the trance-like pop of "Born to Fly" to pictures of flowers and Kate Moss, it's the perfect snapshot of her this New York City musican's unique etheral vision.
"Lingerie for your feet! I love it. Completely decadent and girlie. My friend designed these adorable shoe accessories - which are brand new and I am dying to get some pairs to rock out in."
Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors
You'll find them on plenty of music critic's year-end Best Albums lists—deservedly so. The Brooklyn-based band has its esoteric elements, but at its heart there's a gorgeous sentimentaity that makes their sound feel personal. They've collaborated with everyone from Bjork to Solange and David Byrne, and given their range, there's really no telling what they'll do next. Swing-Lo Magelian is their latest masterpiece. Plus, cool news: Look for them to appear on Season 3 of Portlandia.
Her Pick: Acne Coral Sweater
"I definitely sometimes get sucked in to the wearing all black thing in NYC, but lately I have been really into super bright colors that really pop out against a cold, monochromatic background, and combining those with some earthier tones. I'm always a sucker for nice knits and sweaters, so I love this one. It's looks cozy but fun."
Kiddo may be a brand new artist (her first full-length album will be released January 29 on Vaziva Music/Fontana Nort), but she already has a ton of interesting stuff on her resume. Three tracks from the album—“Fix Me,” “Lost Memory” and “Sunshine"—are premiering now in Starbucks stores across North America. She went to study guitar at the Conservatoire in Paris, but then left Paris for London—after first graduating from law school—and continued her studies at the London Music School before moving to Boston and ultimately New York City. And P.S: She's the daughter of renowned French actress/director Zabou Breitman and sculptor Fabien Chalon.

Her Pick: American Apparel Watch
"I really like this American Apparel watch-it's not too expensive and it's very feminine and elegant. I love the mix of gold and black and the typography of the numbers. The sort-of vintage touch is nice, and I like the fact that it's small and feels light on the wrist."

WALL has an ambient, minimalist dreamy pop thing going on, and cooler yet, she uses all her own production techniques. And when Pitchfork premiered her haunting cover of Karen Dalton's "Something On Your Mind," we were immediately hooked.  We approve the London-based writer/producer/vocalist's boho style, too--think dresses with boots, layered cardigans, ribbons in her hair, hats on her pretty head.

Her Pick: Shrines by Purity Ring Album
"This is my one of my favourite releases this year and it needs to be in everyone's record collection."
Nataly Dawn
Blissfully out of step with today's music trends (auto-tune, etc!) Nataly Dawn is content to do her own jazzy, folky, indie thing. Her autobiographically-driven debut album, How I Knew Her, will be released February 12, 2013 on the label, Nonesuch. You can find her, in another incarnation, as one half of the band Pomplamoose, and check out her the first single, which reminds us a bit of Suzanne Vega, from her upcoming album now.

Her Pick: Wooden Bow Tie
"These incredibly awesome, one-of-a-kind wooden bow-ties will make you the talk of the party even before you become embarrassingly drunk and do something silly involving pudding and your Aunt Marge. I recommend them for several reasons. For one, they float. Secondly, they are handmade by some really likable dudes in the heart of San Francisco. Thirdmost, they are beautiful, affordable and good for the environment (because they're made from reclaimed wood!) I like them so much that all the guys in my band wear them when we play live. So do yourself a favor, and dress up your man in wood this holiday season."
Misfit Mod
Misfit Mod's debut record isn't even out yet (that's happening on February 19) but Sarah Kelleher (who goes by the moniker) is already earing raves: A few: “[Misfit Mod's] layered vocals give me goosebumps” — Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing. “A breath of earnest simplicity” — The Line of Best Fit. “The new queen of moody dream pop” — Earbuddy. But don't cave to peer presure. Decide for yourself!  Her "Queen Love Zero" video is on her Tumblr.
Her Pick: Comme des Garcons Incense Series 3 - Kyoto Eau de Toilette
"I adore Comme des Garcon perfumes! My favorite perfume on the planet is Kyoto from the Incense series. It’s a delicious wintery scent, warm and spicy, I love it! They have a large selection of perfumes for men, women and lots of unisex options too, which is cool. Anything from their perfume range would make a delicious gift for girlfriends and boyfriends especially."
NiRé AllDai
Four Cool Things About NiRé AllDai: 1. She's self-taught—she would play piano by ear for hours when she was just seven.  2. She appreciates a good hook: witness the swaggering dance-pop anthem “STFU (Shut The F**k Up & Party). 3: She's a fashion maverick: Plaid, sparkles, lace, polkadots--she embraces it all.  4. She has written songs and sung hooks for Grammy-winning producers like Dr. Dre, Scott Storch and Stargate, written lyrics for Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson, KeKe Pamer, and Demi Lovato. 5. You can see her in action in her "Hella Bad" video right now.
Her Pick: Strappy Platforms
"My winter gift idea is these incredibly funky yet sexy strappy platforms! I LOVE fashion that is edgy, rare and unique, and these would look amazing paired with a bold, sexy ensemble and great accessories!"

"Within every culture I lived and loved, music was the greatest form of expression, and I was touched equally by flamenco as I was by palo and perico ripiao," explains Roxiny the Dominican-born, internationally raised (Italy, Spain, Panama & more) musician and singer. Formerly of the duo J'Zabhel. she's struck out on her own in order to stay true to her craft. Her video for "Belong" sums up her dance-tastic sound.



Her Pick: Bijules Bar Ring
"Bijules Bar Ring for shizzo!"
He Met Her
You know a group with style this distinctive is bound to have a sound to match. He Met Her's Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon deliever indie electro-pop, disco, dub, dancehall and pyschedelic pop with a West Coast vibe. Expect a mind-blowing ful-length album in 2013 and check out their Crime Novela EP on iTunes now.
Rocky's Pick: Thigh High Tights
"Here are a pair of tights I absolutely love! ideal for the winter time, since all those bulky sweaters take away from a ladies shape. I am obsessed with collecting tights & thigh highs. They are perfect, comfy & cute for the whole winter!"
Chloe Chaidez from Kitten
Make no mistake, Kitten is aiming for full-on rock stardom.  By 12, the bass-playing Chaidez was opening for indie acts such as Conor Oberst and Midlake in her own band. Though she considers herself a rock nerd and can expound on everything from Cat Power to My Bloody Valentine, there's nothing geeky about the muscular post-punk-meets-new-wave sound on their Cut It Out EP.
Her Pick: R.Kelley - A Love Letter Christmas
"I'm pretty much a fan of everything/anything R. Kelly has ever done. That said, his Christmas song 'A Love Letter Christmas' is definitely a personal standout. He starts out by letting his listeners know that what they're about to hear is a 'Christmas remix', in case they were wondering. He then proceeds to sing beautifully about a Christmas love letter that he sent to a very special girl and the whole thing is all very emotional. He throws in some lines about the Christmas fire and hot chocolate, which he feels very strongly about as well. The song ends with Robert jamming the cowbell, creating a bit of a tribal rhythm 'freestyle' and singing earnestly about being a snowman that just needs to find his snowgirl. 'Love Letter 'will definitely leave you with a cheery Christmas spirit, and if you're like me, it was also leave you feeling a bit sad about the fact that R Kelly will most likely never write you a Christmas letter."
Count on Erica and Bruce Driscoll of this LA-based Brazilian-American brother-sister duo to churn out what Rolling Stone calls "dreamy, propulsive electro-pop" on their Modern Art/Warner Bros Records debut will be released in February 2013. Want a early taste? Watch the video for their first single "Where the Kids Are" now. 
Erica's Pick: Happy Socks X Madewell Long Trouser Socks
"I've been giving these fun socks as gifts for the past couple years and
 have a little collection of them myself. Let's face it, no one ever has
 enough socks and definitely not any as happy as these."
Tegan of Tegan and Sarah
Tegan's Pick: Kobo Touch E-Reader
"I've always been a big reader and loved collecting books over the years. So when people started talking about books going digital I cringed and swore I would never go to the dark side. But as someone who travels constantly, the idea of having 1 light weight item to read on, rather than a bag full of heavy books, started to seem more and more appealing. Last spring I finally made the switch...and I love it! At this point I'd say I read twice as much as I used to. It's my must-have item when I go anywhere (even just to the movies)."