Cool Music Girls Share Their Winter Gift Ideas

Tegan and Sara

The holidays may technically be over, but that doesn't mean there still aren't plenly of occassions for winter gift-giving. From hostess gifts, to belated Xmas presents, to birthdays and thank you trinkets, we have you covered—thanks to our all-knowing supremely stylish cast of awesome music girls. When it comes to style it always seems to us that musicians are one step ahead, so we thought, why not ask some of our favorites what they're giving this time of year. The answers did not disappoint (nice Acne sweater pick, Amber Coffman) and many also surprised us (foot panties? Who knew?) and amused us (that's quite an impassioned plea on behalf of R. Kelly, Chloe Chaidez).

So whatever your gift-giving speed, from silly to chic, there's bound to be something here for you. Happy shopping!

Tegan's Pick: Kobo Touch E-Reader

"I've always been a big reader and loved collecting books over the years. So when people started talking about books going digital I cringed and swore I would never go to the dark side. But as someone who travels constantly, the idea of having 1 light weight item to read on, rather than a bag full of heavy books, started to seem more and more appealing. Last spring I finally made the switch...and I love it! At this point I'd say I read twice as much as I used to. It's my must-have item when I go anywhere (even just to the movies)."

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