Style Crush: Cult's Alona Tal

Alona Tal’s style on the CW’s Cult has a split personality–precisely because the actress plays two separate roles (Kelly and Marti) on the series, which features a show-within-a-show. The suspenseful drama from Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage follows the investigations of journalist Jeff Sefton (Matt Davis, The Vampire Diaries), who is convinced a popular TV show called Cult is responsible for sinister deeds in real life. Tal plays both Kelly Collins, a TV cop on Cult, and Marti, the actress who portrays her (we know, it's trippy). Basic tees and jeans define Kelly's wardrobe, whose obsession with taking down a cult leader prevents her character from caring about much else. When playing Marti, a young starlet, Tal’s style is kicked up a notch with soft fabrics in a neutral, sophisticated palette.

After serving in the Israeli army for two years, Tal got her start in television in her native country, eventually moving to the U.S. to appear in shows like Veronica Mars and Supernatural. While her real-life military training helps her play a convincing cop, she also enjoys the more stylish perks of playing Marti. “When Kelly is at work, her style is neat and respectable, but when she is off-duty she is a bit lost and that plays in her style of clothes—or rather, her lack thereof!” Tal says. “With Marti, she's a famous actress, so it's fun to get the chance to play with more cool-girl clothes." Read on to see which designers define the actress’ own personal style, and what accessory she can’t wait to try this winter. Catch Tal on the premiere of Cult, February 19 (9/8c) on the CW. She'll also appear alongside Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe in the upcoming political thriller Broken City, which opens on January 18.

Photo: Collin Stark

On Set as Kelly Collins

"I love how decisive Kelly is," says Tal of her tough cop character. "If she sets her mind to something you'd better look out, 'cause she will get it done. But that's also her weakness—not knowing how to let things go."

Courtesy of the CW Network

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