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On Set as Kelly Collins
"I love how decisive Kelly is," says Tal of her tough cop character. "If she sets her mind to something you'd better look out, 'cause she will get it done. But that's also her weakness—not knowing how to let things go."
Her Favorite Designers
"I love Chloe, Stella McCartney, Rag and Bone, and J Brand," says Tal. "But I know I can always go into Zara and find beautiful pieces that are super affordable, too."
Her Cult Pick
"I just got into Game of Thrones," says Tal. "I didn't get a chance to watch it when it started, so now I'm catching up.  I have to pace myself for two important reasons: first, so I don't run out of episodes. You really never want it to end, it's that good. Secondly, if given the option, I'll watch them all one after the other and never get anything done."
Winter Wear
This winter, Tal wants to experiment with new accessories. "I want to play with some satchels as purses, thigh-high socks with cute skirts, and I can't wait to wear my winter peacoat I got from Canada with a faux fur collar."
Her Style Icon
"I love Kate Moss," says Tal. "She always makes great, effortless and chic choices."