Style Crush: The Women of Lady

Lady, the soul music duo comprised of Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, is set to release their debut album with the record label Truth & Soul this month. But these ladies are hardly new to the music scene. Wray, who is from Atlanta, has been featured alongside artists like Missy Elliott, Cam'ron, the Black Keys and Kid Cudi. Walker, hailing from England, has four hit albums to her name.

But don't expect anything like "Get Ur Freak On" or "Day 'n' Night" on their new album. This time around, their music is influenced by classic soul and modern hip-hop. The result? Well, it's so unique you'll have to listen for yourself. I'm tempted to call their sound a modern, female version of The Jackson 5, but bolder and edgier.

"We both get our musical inspiration from our parents," Wray tells us. "Growing up, we listened to music and enjoyed watching how it made the grown folks feel. I have a strong spiritual family background as well, so with the two it brought out the soulful in me." As for what inspired their album? "The inspiration was the need to make great timeless music," says Walker. "Truth and Soul provided the soundtrack and we just rode along and do what we do, which is sing from the heart."

Music aside, their style is equally as interesting. It combines sexy with sensible—our favorite combo, which is why they're our latest style crushes. Since spending more time in New York City back in the aughts, when the two singers met, Walker says her style has "definitely become more sophisticated with a mod/rock tinge. It's edgy, but still classic." Wray feels that the city allows her to be more daring with her style choices. "I don't live in New York, but when I visit I feel creative and don't worry about negative reactions from others because New York is a statement of fashion."

From day to day, Walker and Wray keep it super-simple with a few style essentials. Walker is comfortable in a leather jacket, a pair of black stilettos or Converse and a pair of black or navy blue jeans. "I enjoy wearing Timberland boots and hoodies," says Wray. Lately, it seems, the ladies are stocking up on shoes. Walker's latest wardrobe addition is a pair of wedge pumps from H&M, and Wray says, "Since my last two visits to Europe, I have added more boots to my wardrobe."

Stay tuned for the release of Lady's debut album. "Get ready to sing, dance and feel good!" says Wray.

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Photo Credit: Sesse Lind


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