Five Minutes With Mindy Kaling

We've confessed our love for Mindy Kaling more times than we can count. We can't get enough of her laugh-out-loud comedy series, The Mindy Project, which she created, writes, and stars in. And we definitely can't get enough of Dr. Mindy Lahiri's (Kaling's role on the show) super cute wardrobe. Seriously, we'd be happy stepping into any of her outfits.

But is Dr. Lahiri's preppy, colorful style true to the personal style of Kaling off-screen? We had a chance to speak with Kaling to find out.

"I could talk about my wardrobe for five hours," she says. "No one would necessarily care, but I love it. There's a huge overlap in a lot of things we wear." While the actress finds her character's style to be "a little off-beat", Kaling says her style is a little bit more subdued. "I think she's a bit more colorful, preppy, and girly than I am, although I do love girly stuff now and again."

Kaling says that a typical off-screen outfit for her is "Helmut Lang and Club Monaco and flats." The reason? "Because I'm a comedy writer." When you have to sit down and write, comfort is key. She adds that she prefers hardwear jewlery and wears more leather than Dr. Lahiri.

We were also curious to find out: does writing and producing your own show come with the benefit of picking out your own on-screen outfits? "I am very involved with the look of the show and I'm lucky because I have a very collaborative designer, Sal Perez, who is awesome," says Kaling. "He has such an attention to fit and tailoring." Perez, who has done costume design for shows like Veronica Mars and Castle, is a pro at making outfits fit just right, whether they come from the mall or Gucci.  

Don't forget that there will be two new episodes of The Mindy Project airing this week on Fox (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT). The first episode, "Pretty Man," will air tomorrow, April 2nd. In the episode, Mindy is the new Richard Gere (so to speak). She meets Adam, a handsome man who also happens to be a male prostitute. Though apprehensive, she decides to bring him as a date to a dinner party hosted by Danny and Alex. The dating woes continue on Thursday, April 4th with, “My Cool Christian Boyfriend", when Mindy meets Casey, a cute minister, and tries to convince him that she is of good faith—going as far as volunteering at a woman's prison. As much as we love watching Mindy date the whole of New York City, we're still pulling for Dr. Danny Castellano!  

Photo Credit: Fairchild Archive

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