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Musgrave's Style Musts
"I have these J.Brand metallic gold pants that are so fun to wear because they go with everything and they look good on stage."
"I have to have beach spray for my hair. I spray the beachy texture on it and usually just straighten the ends a little. Bumble and Bumble surf spray is my favorite!"
"I have vintage cowboy boots that I found at this old man's boot shop. They were 50 bucks and they're vintage Fryes. They're turquoise and falling apart. The shape of them is perfect and it has a white stitched eagle on the front. They really go with everything! They've gotten so worn out. I've gotten them repaired a bunch of times."
"I'm really obsessed with this self tanner, a bronzing mousse by St. Tropez. It's so good. And I'm super pale, so I don't really want to jump in a tanning bed or anything. I'd just get more freckles. So I use this and it makes your skin look really dewey and its good for on stage because I get washed out. I have to have a little color or I'm going to blind the audience."
"I have a black leather jacket by June. It has a huge lapel. It's really fun!"
"I have these shoes, and I don't even know what brand they are, but I literally wear them with everything. They're black platform mary jane wedges and they're very classic looking, round toed, and they have the mary jane strap. They're just a little quirky so they're dressy but it's not too serious. They have a little girlish quality to them. And they were like 30 bucks! I got them at this random store at the mall and it was a brand i'd never even heard of."