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"This stuff is silly expensive, but worth every penny. When I was younger, I always fought oily skin. Now, I slather La Mer on with a heavy hand."
"I am a terrible cuticle abuser. The only thing that stops me from ripping at the poor suckers is keeping them essentially waxed down and protected. This stuff is incredible. I am also not beyond going off-label and using it on my feet. Cheap and cheerful and very effective."
"I kind of don't even want to talk about this one because I am so insane for the smell that I want to keep it a secret. I have been trying to translate the smell into a perfume or lotion, but it's too unique. The smell is peppery and sharp—not fruity like many products. And yeah, it's great for your hair, too."
"I love fresh flowers, but sometimes they feel like such a waste. Succulents last forever, and I even my black thumb can't kill them.  One of my favorite places to get them is Pollen in Los Angeles. The make the most creative arrangements—tiny baby succulents pouring out of larger ones. The owner, Craig, make plants feel like sea creatures or tiny works of art."
"When [my grandmother] died, we found a whole box of her custom-made gloves. They are real old lady gloves, from Baltimore, and they are so simple and beautiful and completely un-modern. There are some white kid gloves and a darker brown/black pair. I wore one pair to death and my favorite pair I keep pristine. It wasn’t that long ago that people bought gloves and put them on every day. They reminded me of the Phillip Roth novel American Pastoral."  
"This novel uses the backdrop of a glove-making factory for a painful family story. I love authors, like Roth, who talk about the clash between generations without sentimentality. This book blows my mind every time I read it."
"I know, I know....from Wes Anderson to Gino's Restaurant in New York, the old zebras have been done to death, but I don't care. I love them, and the ones against a brown background are in our entrance at home."
"I love that figurative art has had such a major renaissance in the last few decades. Currin's work has such a unique point of view without completely abandoning traditional technique. His portraits of his wife Rachel are just rad."
"I bought [a pair of motorcyle boots] just out of college in the early '90s. They were not fancy, they were no brand, they’re just low, real motorcycle boots with a steel toe. The great thing about living in NYC is you wear down shoes. And I wore these in snow, rain, shine. I beat them up over years of auditions and waiting tables and bad dates. I earned the patina on those beat-up boots, and because of that, they will never fully go out of style. When I brought them out of cold storage, everyone was like, 'Where did you get those?'"
"[My diamond stud earrings] were a gift from my mother. But they used to be hers. What happened was she actually lost one of them and reported it to the insurance company, and they replaced them, but then we found the one she lost at my house. And she called them and said we found them, and they said to just keep them. They remind me of my mother, who is a real salt-of-the-earth Midwesterner, and how when we were growing up she would tell the waitress she undercharged us, or make us carry a piece of candy we stole back to the store. They are about a carat and change— perfection."