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Williams' Style Musts
"Where would millions of women be without the classic Newbury Boot from Rag & Bone?"
Williams considers "a simple black blazer" a wardrobe essential in every woman's closet. She particularly likes ones from Theory and J.Crew.
"Mario Bedescu rosewater herbal spray is my obsession! His buttermilk moisturizer, two leaves and a bud peppermint tea wake me up."
"Golden Goose makes a super chic Italian-made 'cowboy-riding boot' with a zipper up the side and that's been dragged down dirt roads in Italy to get the worn finish. They are to die for!"
"Right now I'm reading My Life in France by Julia Child and Lady Almina & The Real Downtown Abbey."
According to Williams, "a heather gray cashmere crewneck sweater" is a wardrobe must-have.
"I couldn't live without Caudalie lip balm."
These Frye dorado low boots are a style staple for the singer. "I wear them every show and almost every day of my life," she says.
Williams maintains a fresh look with these eye pads from Chanel. "A 'Sex & The City' make-up artist turned me on to these years ago," she says. "They remove all swelling."
"Smythe has truly the most fabulous form-fitting blazer I've ever seen," says Williams. "Their double-breasted camel coat is the epitome of perfection in the fall."