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Zehetner says her style "goes between really girly and being a bit tomboyish." In the summer months, she wears "lots of dresses, because it's easy!" We think this cut and color would look lovely on her.
"I've been away from my apartment for a couple months, so I'm so excited to go home and actually have my full closet to play with. I'm so sick of everything in my suitcase and it's all dirty and wrinkled. Actually, that's not true. I did laundry yesterday! I'm excited to wear dresses again."
"I have a pair of black Balenciaga ballet flats that a friend gave me and they kind of fold up and they're really easy to travel with."
"I use Avene, which is great. You can get it at the drugstore. It's a French line and it's cheap and it's really good for sensitive skin. I use their face wash and face cream. [My skin] is best when I drink a lot of water and I use simple things on my face. My skin's really sensitive, so I can't use a lot of the really expensive face creams. They have too many things in them and they tend to break me out or make my skin red."
Don't forget to moisturize!
The last thing Zehetner bought was "a pair of jeans," she says. "They're AG skinny ankle jeans. They're great, really comfy. I know that's not very exciting, but I hate buying jeans and I've had one pair of jeans that I wore and they're falling apart and they don't make them anymore. It's always a horrible experience, isn't it? For me, jeans and bras...I find both of them really stressful!"
"They have really great striped t-shirts at Muji...I have them in different colors."
"I have a Miu Miu trench coat that I've had for seven years. It's the greatest thing, especially in New York to walk my dog in the morning. I can just throw it over my pajamas and sort of instantly look pulled together."