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Wasson's favorite from Rockport's Spring 2013 collection.
A favorite of Wasson's from her jewelry collection, Low Luv.
“I like online shopping and I’m a really big fan of I got these cute crocodile shoes. They look like slip-ons, but they have straps in the back, so it’s a combination. They’re suitable for warm weather.”
Wasson loves buying her basic white tees from Alternative Apparel and ATM.
"I use Oribe products. I really like his beach spray. But women shouldn’t fight whatever’s going on. The grass is always greener on the other side…I think you’re born with the kind of hair that suits your personality, even hair color. You’re born with something that suits a characteristic about you.”
“I wear a lot of leather pants. I think J Brand does a really good leather pant.”
"[iS Clinical Active Serum] is the one product I would take to a deserted island. Just between traveling, dehydration, stress, and makeup, my skin breaks out often. I don’t know what it does. I have no idea what the product is, but it tends to keep my skin consistent and breakouts a bay, which I think is important for any woman. You just feel better if you don’t have to cover up a zit.”
“I love Haider Ackermann. I just love him as a person. I love his collections—they’re so poetic to me and always very much different textures and different patterns. He has a really good use of color pallet.”
“I just got back from Santa Fe and I went to 10,000 Waves and picked up all the Hinoki Sea Salts that I could fit in my carry-on bag. It’s just such a beautiful smell…I love taking baths, so I picked up a bunch of bath salts.”
Wasson's fall fave from Rockport: The Jia Penny Loafer.