Actress Alice Eve Talks Stanley Tucci And Her 'Grunge Kid' Past

The 12th annual Tribeca Film Festival is bringing swarms of veteran and newcomer movie makers to lower Manhattan. The 12-day festival features dozens of the year's best documentary and narrative films, including Neil LaBute's Some Velvet Morning, which stars Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve as the film's only characters.

The dramatic story begins when Fred (Tucci) arrives and announces to Velvet (Eve) that he has left his wife to be with her. The news is shocking, since Velvet has not seen Fred in years. His presence is unwelcomed by Velvet, who tries to get the impudent former flame off of her doorstep. This proves no easy task and he sets up camp with his suitcases in her livingroom. “She’s a deeply damaged soul," Eve says of her character. Some Velvet Morning is a raw look at the inner-workings of a passionate, remorseful relationship, and the minimalistic design of the film achieves this sentiment with stunning precision.

While the film's narative touches on deep, emotionally-charged issues, the set and costume designs are bare: filmed on one location and with only two outfits—one for each character. Shot in Brooklyn's Park Slope over a period of two weeks, Eve says that “a family very nicely decamped over their summer vacation and left us to take the house."

Eve's costume was a double-layered red chiffon dress with two slits up the sides made by the film's costume designer, Katherine Roth. The dress may have been simple, but Eve admits that there were still wardrobe challenges. “We had a very peculiar device that was attached to my underwear that held the mic back," she says. "It was a complicated process.”

The sole waredrobe update happens midway through the film, when Fred applies a bright red lipstick on Velvet. It's "a really cool moment,” says Eve.

So, is this an outfit that the actor would wear off-screen? “I do wear it," she says without pause. "I think in building a character, you bring a lot of yourself to it, so yes. It’s also a color that suits me.” Sitting in the Meatpacking District at Babyliss Pro Arts & Cinema Studio, Eve is wearing a red dress (not the same one, but a red one nonetheless). Her blonde hair is pulled back in a small, tight ponytail and large silver hoops cascade down her neck. One ear is pierced with an additional diamond stud, which she got as an ode to the resurgence of '90s fashion. "I was a grunge kid in the ‘90s," she says. 

Grunge would be the last word I'd use to describe Eve today. She looks refined in cap-sleeved circle-skirt dress, tan Burberry trench coat, and peep toe booties. Her fingers are adorned with a few delicate rings and the polish on her fingers is a soft pink. I've almost forgotten her role as the braless Irish nanny from Sex and the City 2.

Upcoming projects for Eve include Cold Comes the Night and the highly anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness directed by J.J. Abrams and coming to theaters this May 17th. In the film, Eve plays Dr. Carol Marcus. “That experience was magical,” she says. “It was like a big group effort pushing a big stone uphill.”

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Photo: WWD/Steve Eichner

Eve's dress at the Tribeca Film Festival Junket last week.

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