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Inspired by the band Heart, one of Stelmanis' lastest style purchases was a pair of black lace flared pants. "They’re very rocker girl,” she says.
"Aesop makes beautiful face cleansers and they have a really nice deodorant that I love. Everything that they make is natural and just smells so good.”
Stelmanis just bought a pair of lace-up slipper socks like these.
Stelmanis was wearing shoes similar to these when we met. “I think I like to wear them all the time because I’m not really that comfortable being too girly or too feminine, so I often like to wear something weird and industrial to combat that if I’m going to wear a dress or something fancy. So these shoes are good at creating that balance.”
Stelmanis says she likes to wear fitted clothes and blazers. "I don’t really have a budget to buy high fashion, but if I did, I would definitely buy Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf and Kenzo.”