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A hustler from the UK who realizes she is a clone after assuming the identity of a dead woman who resembles her. Sarah's look revolves around ripped tights and black leather.
The blondest and creepiest clone out of the bunch. She believes she is the "original" and all other clones should be killed.
As the nerdy clone, Cosima is a PhD student with a flair for eccentric hair and lots of quirky jewelry.
As the soccer mom clone, Alison relies on yoga pants and the surburban status quo.
As a big Temperley fan, Maslany would surely like this colorful silk dress. Perfect for spring!
Since her fur hat is one of her wardrobe staples, we thought Maslany would like this textural topper from Urban Outfitters.
Maslany is a fan of DVF for the red carpet, and we thought she'd like this little black number from the desginer.
Maslany can't live without her Adidas sneaks, and we think she'd like this funky pair.