Reign: It's Like Downton Abbey Meets Game of Thrones

The CW

We knew it was only a matter of time before the CW concocted a mash-up of Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones for the teen set. And Reign is it. Considering that the upcoming fall TV lineup is chock full of the usual cop and lawyer dramas, we're totally ready for something a little more regal—not to mention more fashionable. Reign, the juicy historical drama coming to the network this fall, is set in the early 1500s and follows the young life of Mary Stuart (Adelaide Kane), the queen of Scotland. Long before she plotted against Queen Elizabeth I and was beheaded, Mary Queen of Scots was just a headstrong teenage girl with a very complicated love life.

Reign begins as Mary arrives in France to meet Prince Francis, her betrothed and the heir to the French throne. Her arranged marriage is supposed to strengthen the ties between Scotland and France, but gets complicated when Francis (Toby Regbo) turns out to be a charming playboy who isn't ready to settle down—proof that commitment issues go all the way back to the English Renaissance. Francis' illegitimate half-brother, Bash, (Torrance Coombs ) also catches Mary's eye—and presto, a love triangle forms. Mary must now navigate her tumultuous relationships with an unwieldy prince and his rebellious sibling, all while the French court may or may not be trying to kill her. (Oh, the intrigue!) And while we can't wait to watch all the romantic drama unfold, we're even more psyched to see those period costumes. We predict a lot of heavy velvet gowns and dazzling headpieces fit for, well, a queen.

Watch the trailer for Reign below!