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What are you wearing?
Ryder's Lucky office visit outfit.
What's in your makeup bag?
"It's really hard to find really good all-natural and organic products that last, especially for on stage. We've done major research to find stuff that look good and that lasts. And finding mascara that doesn't come off, especially when you're sweating your ass off on stage..."
What are you wearing to the pool this summer?
Ryder's favorite suit is just like this one. "My friend lent it to me," she says.
Where do you shop for jewelry?
"Maniamania is really cool for jewelry. I go to this website a lot called Bona Drag. It's got really great jewelry and really cute clothes too."
Who inspires your style and music?
"I love all the old rocker chicks like Joan Jet and Suzi Quatro. Stevie Nicks used to be a really big inspiration, but not so much on this record. Carly Simon's pretty rad too."