Crazy Sexy Hilarious

Sofia Vergara's secret? She's not afraid to look ugly.

Ryan Lochte: Fashion Designer?

"Jeah," the swimmer might be getting his own clothing line.

Rashida Jones' Best Looks From the Celeste and Jesse Forever Press Tour

She always looks awesome.

Gwyneth vs. Blake: Fragrance Face-Off

It's a battle of the Hollywood blondes.

More Celebs

Olivia Wilde Showed Off Her Post-Baby Body With A Plunging V-Neck

It’s good to have you back, Wilde.

Summer's Hottest Fashion Trend Is…Star-Shaped Nipple Pasties, Apparently

Star-shaped nipple covers are suddenly popping up (poor choice of words, sorry) on shirts, swimwear and more. Let's explore this bizarre trend, shall…

Ashley Greene On Playing A Furry in Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here—And Where Her Twilight Character Would Be Today

Plus, the former Twilight star shares her thoughts on Zach Braff's generation-defining film Garden State.

Gisele Bündchen Makes How Much Per Day?!

Which would you rather have: Bündchen’s hair or her paycheck?

Kendall Jenner's Latest Shoot For Love Magazine Involves Wet Hair, Lingerie

She’s got that “sexy gym sweat” situation going on.

Jenny Lewis On Her Obsession With Adidas Tracksuits, Troop Beverly Hills And Why Her 'Whole Life Is A Costume Party'

I recently had the chance to chat with Jenny Lewis about her fashion evolution, her acting past and her new album, The Voyager—read on for the scoop!

Miranda Kerr Rides A Merry-Go-Round In Her New Escada Fragrance Campaign

Miranda Kerr is all smiles in the campaign for Escada's new fragrance, Joyful.

WATCH: Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart And Brie Larson Rock Out In Drag For Jenny Lewis' New Music Video

Need we say more than Anne Hathaway with a legitimate rattail?

Kate Bosworth Is Launching A New Fashion App—And It's Basically Shazam For Clothes

“Our intention is to be a tool for consumers to find something and ultimately purchase. It’s as easy as that.”

17 Times Diane Kruger Wore Something Only She Could Pull Off

Even without a stylist, Diane Kruger manages to pull off daring red carpet looks that, frankly, only she herself could wear.

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