Crazy Sexy Hilarious

Sofia Vergara's secret? She's not afraid to look ugly.

Ryan Lochte: Fashion Designer?

"Jeah," the swimmer might be getting his own clothing line.

Rashida Jones' Best Looks From the Celeste and Jesse Forever Press Tour

She always looks awesome.

Gwyneth vs. Blake: Fragrance Face-Off

It's a battle of the Hollywood blondes.

More Celebs

Kendall Jenner Did Another Nude Photo Shoot—Happy Fashion Week!

All in a day’s work.

Take A Never-Before-Seen Tour Of Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York City Townhouse

Do you have a spare $22 million laying around? The place could be yours!

Kim Kardashian Named Her Daughter North Because Of Anna Wintour

What Anna says, goes.

Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Just Took Their Feud To A Whole New Level

When you throw shade at Katy Perry in a Rolling Stone cover story, you better be prepared for some public retaliation.

A History Of Michelle Williams' Many Hair Transformations, From 1998 To Today

While her serious acting chops are undoubtedly the primary reason Michelle Williams is a red carpet fixture, her beauty game is on point too.

WATCH: Lena Dunham Reveals Her Expert Awards Show Strategy

“It’s a long night that deprives me of the two things I’m most passionate about, which is eating and peeing.”

WATCH: Kim Kardashian Finally Did The Ice Bucket Challenge

Sorry, contouring.

Megan Fox Debuts A New, Much Shorter Haircut

Megan Fox transforms her hair just in time for fall.

The 11 Most Shocking Quotes From Taylor Swift’s New Rolling Stone Cover Interview

We combed through all multi-thousand words of Swift’s Rolling Stone interview, and pulled out the 11 weirdest, Swiftiest quotes that put reason behind…

Kate Middleton’s Maternity Style: 22 Of Her Best Bump-Bearing Looks!

Think there will be any repeat outfits this time around?

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