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The Perfect Pant
"FInd a great pair of pants—they can be a crop, but just a great pair of pants that you can wear with flats or dress up with a heel."
Heels That Go The Distance

"You should also have a great pair of heels that you can travel with. I always travel with a carry-on bag, I never check my luggage, and I need to have a very versatile pair of heels that can go with five different outfits. Mine are always high, high, high."


The Right Jeans
"I love Genetic Denim jeans. That’s my favorite brand. They're just so thin—so thin—and they just fit the body perfectly."
A Pretty Cocktail Dress
"Every woman needs to have a great cocktail dress—something that she feels super-sexy in, and can really dress up with jewelry or wear to an office party."
A Chic Black Blazer
"I think you need to have a great jacket, a great black jacket that you can throw over jeans and a shirt or even over a dress. I look for a tuxedo cut."