30 Days of Gift Guides Is Back

Starting November 14, we'll have a new gift guide every day for a whole month. Check our latest finds below:

Gift Guide: Literary Buff

Some of them are literally literary.

Gift Guide: Truly Jet-set

Fantastic stuff for frequent fliers.

Gift Guide: Toys for Grown-ups

Why should kids get to have all the fun on Christmas morning?

Gift Guide: Blow-out Addict

Your hair obsessed friend will freak.

Gift Guide: Hanukkah Swag

Celebrate eight days of lights and latkes with these cute chatzkys.

Gift Guide: Fancy Fragrances

For the scent snob in your life.

Gift Guide: Luddite

If they hate technology, they'll love these gifts.

Gift Guide: '90s Nostalgic

Presents that'll make their mood ring turn green.

Gift Guide: Polka Dotty

A wide range of patterned presents sure to hit the spot.

Gift Guide: DIYer

Here's what to buy your favorite craft enthusiast this Christmas.

Gift Guide: Get Personal

Customized or monogrammed, these gifts seem extra thoughtful.

Gift Guide: Twihard

For the vamp and werewolf obsessed.

The Etsy-phile: Holiday Gift Guide

Something for everyone on your list.

Gift Guide: Gatsby Girl

Every morning, every evening, ain't we got fun?

Gift Guide: Teenybopper

Perfect presents for the Beliebers, Swifties and Twihards in your life.

Gift Guide: Game of Thrones Drone

Whatever your house, these gifts will win them over.

Gift Guide: Secret Santa

Tons of stuff under $10!

Gift Guide: Shopping for the One Percent

What to get your richest of rich friends.

Gift Guide: GOOP-ette

All I want for Christmas is GOOP.

Gift Guide: Kate Middleton-Obsessed

Duchess-approved delights, right this way.

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