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Well, that's clever: The adornment is on the heels, not the straps.

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We're fixated on the juxtaposition of bright satin and weathered gold.

The peacocky pattern is enough to make anyone feel like a better dancer.

Pretend you're a '90s supermodel, and wear these with a black biker jacket.

Leave it to Ivanka Trump to turn out something so awesomely ritzy.

Meet your new swanky-affair heels. You'll wear them to almost every big event.

Straps this delicate leave feet nearly nude, thus elongating your legs. Bonus.

That two-inch bow will add tons of charm to your most businessy sheath.

Black rhinestones give an elegant nighttime style a vampy edge.

Bows! GEMS! Grosgrain! They're not shoes—they're a triumph of girliness.