Gift Guide: '90s Nostalgic

Whether worn traditionally or tied around your waist (but not worn as a headband, Tai!), a plaid flannel button-up is a wintertime essential.
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If the loads of overalls, plaid, beanies and in-your-face logos that have graced this past year's runways are any indication, the '90s are back with a vengeance—but to some, and particularly those of us who came of age during that time, the decade never really left.

When you consider that the final 10 years of the millennium brought us Clarissa Explains It All, The Craft, the Spice Girls and Full House, it's easy to see why many of us have trouble letting go of this awesomest of eras. So why not treat your favorite child of the '90s to a few holiday treats plucked straight from her favorite time period? From grunge-minded style essentials to the decade's best Broadway tunes, click through to shop 13 totally awesome '90s-themed gift ideas.

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