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You'll be the office champ in no time with these gift picks.
To be filled with notes from meetings, or doodles from meetings.
If there happens to be a lighthearted curmudgeon in the office. If you don't know of one, it's probably you.
If there's an office DJ with terrible taste, this sends them a kind, yet firm message.
This may appear boring, but will be a big hit. Somebody always hunts for a stapler. Make their life easier. Plus, you can get staples as a follow-up birthday gift!
Your coworker will probably make more mistakes now that they have the best eraser in the world.
For timing the perfect coffee break.
Tame the seemingly endless mounds of paper. Ideal for paper pushers.
Shopping for a social media manager? They'll lose it over this.
Whether they just started a new job or are heading to retirement, they'll love it.