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Click through to shop gifts from 10 Etsy artisan stores that we know you'll love!
Signal Candle Co.
Why we love them: Eric of Signal Candle Co. is a graphic designer—as you can clearly tell by his beautifully designed packaging—who creates these incredible soy candles out of recycled wine bottles in his spare time. What do we do in our spare time? Watch reality TV while eating Kraft mac and cheese.
Why we love them: Abramey produces a small series of each collection because its pieces are all handmade. Yes, that means that the shoes are sewn together piece by piece to create a unique style that stands out while still remaining classically beautiful and comfortable.
New York to Nashville
Why we love them: Each pocket square starts as a vintage cowboy shirt or reclaimed fabric. We love the recycled quality as well as all the playful patterns on offer.
Why we love them: The playfulness of everyday items and pocket knives? So cool. And Mary actually works for Etsy, so obviously she's got crazy insight on up-and-coming trends.
Why we love them: Fleatherfox has that perfect combination of free spirit and everyday art that we just can't get enough of. Plus, its pieces are aimed at the "bohemian drifter and urban warrior," and aren't we all a little bit of both?!
Why we love them: Handcrafted in Maine, each piece is 100 percent unique. These driftwood docking stations give a little peace and serenity to the everyday hustle and bustle that is the life of a smartphone user.
Parrott Design Studio
Why we love them: Sending out holiday cards this year? Opt for something completely unique! Parrott Design Studio hand-creates each letterpress piece in Rhode Island. And we love how playful the neon hues are.
Marble and Milkweed
Why we love them: Combining raw local honey, beeswax, organic plant oils and teas makes for one heavenly set of skin oils. Each product is created in small batches to ensure the highest quality and purest gift. This is one that you may have to buy for yourself too—for testing purposes, of course!
Rollin in Dough
Why we love them: For starters, they're basically the most beautiful cookies that we would never be able to make on our own. Secondly, if the looks don't impress your friends, the taste sure will! Hurry up and order these while you still can.
Amy Waltz
Why we love them: Amy Waltz's jewelry focuses on your "own true uniqueness." These adorable Giving Ties are perfect stocking stuffers, but trust us, everything in her store is incredible! And each piece comes with a handwritten, personalized note of encouragement.