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The holidays are about family time. Let's make sure your mother, father, brother and sister all enjoy it, okay?
For the mother who has a taste for the finer things.
Your mother raised you—don't you think she deserves a drink shaken with a monogrammed cocktail shaker?
Preload it with your mom's favorite songs and get an inscription. Just don't mix up your iTunes libraries. I'm speaking from experience.
A little blue box is always welcome—especially when it's permanent. This one comes in three sizes too, in case you're in the market for something a little smaller.
If your brother refuses to grow up, this might make his entire holiday. And yours, after you destroy him in a heated match. Let the rivalry grow.
Should your brother still be using disposable razors, or need some guidance in the grooming department, look no further than Harry's. You could engrave the razor with his initials—or something a little more clever.
No man should walk the earth without stationery. I'm serious.
I would reserve this for your cool brother only.
Acne Studios' Acne Paper is the second best gift for any sister of yours who loves a good magazine. Of course, the best gift for any sister who loves magazines is Lucky. Duh.
Every girl loves jewelry. Every girl loves Lulu Frost.
At this point, it's pretty much required reading for any girl with style and a healthy sense of humor.
Assuming you love your sister, you'll agree with all these sentiments.
My father is OCD about keeping our house clean. But he also loves a fire. Problem solved.
When you elevate a man's comb, you elevate his hair. When you elevate his hair, you elevate his life.
As an iPad devotee, I have to say, they make the best gifts. Magazines, books, music, movies, basically everything finds a home there. It's the perfect gift for any father.
If all else fails, rest assured that almost all dads love dessert. Levain Bakery on Manhattan's Upper West Side is home to the world's most decadent cookies. Believe me when I say your father will love them. Everybody will love them.