Gift Guide: Things We Love To Get, But Never Buy

DVD Box Sets

DVD box sets are intimidating. And often, very expensive. You want to own the extended editions of Lord of the Rings, and you want them in a keepsake box. There's nothing better than going through all eight years' worth of Hogwarts with the whole gang, and it's so much simpler with a fancy box set. Put it on your list.
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Senior Digital Projects Editor

There are some things you want to buy all year long, but just can't bring yourself to pull the trigger. Sometimes it's sticker shock, sometimes it's just a ridiculous thing, or you just always put it off. Enter the holidays, a joyous time during which you can literally ask for whatever you want. If you've been good, you'll get it. If not, you need to be nicer. Click through above for the gifts we love to get, but never actually buy for ourselves.


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