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DVD Box Sets
DVD box sets are intimidating. And often, very expensive. You want to own the extended editions of Lord of the Rings, and you want them in a keepsake box. There's nothing better than going through all eight years' worth of Hogwarts with the whole gang, and it's so much simpler with a fancy box set. Put it on your list.
Fancy Soap
Honestly, who has the time to go to the fancy soap shop to buy the fancy soap these days? Yet you still yearn to have it in your guest bathroom. When people come over, you want them to know that you appreciate the finer things in life, like fancy guest soap. Cross your fingers—maybe it'll be in your stocking.
Artisanal Candles
I love the way a fancy candle sets a mood. The aroma fills your apartment, calms the nerves and adds a flicker of light. Trouble is, the good ones are expensive. Just expensive enough to warrant a "maybe next week" when one of them runs out. I just have a hard time parting with the cash for something I'm going to set on fire. But if somebody wants to buy me one, that's totally cool.
Weird Fan Merchandise
Look, I am a super-fan of Game of Thrones. A bona fide "no, I don't read the books but am obsessed with the show" super-fan. One Christmas, my parents gave me a Game of Thrones hoodie. It has three dragons on it, along with the words "Fire & Blood" and "Targaryen." My heart swells with pride when I wear it. But would I have ever gone and bought that for myself? Absolutely not. Never. Find your giftee's favorite show in the world and buy them some weird memorabilia. They will love it.
This one might be a little specific, but hear me out. Spatulas, whisks, slotted spoons, even regular flatware is annoying to buy. So annoying that if you asked me to spend a small fortune on cooking utensils I barely know how to use, I'd slap you with a glove and say "Good day to you!" But I still love having them, in case of emergency. It's kind of a boring gift, but whoever gets them will get use out of them, I swear.
This Chalice of Friendship
You know you want it. But you could never buy it for yourself.
Nostalgic Movies
There's something about movies from childhood that you can't let go of, yet can't fully grasp either—physically, I mean. Don't get me wrong, I love Aladdin, but you'd never catch me buying it at Best Buy. Mostly because I like to parade around this city pretending to be an adult. But you know that the second you open that DVD, you'll pretend to be like, "What? You couldn't find Fahrenheit 451?" but will secretly be jumping for joy.