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Click through to shop 25 gifts perfect for any holiday hostess.
A beautiful throw to help keep guests warm during the chilly holiday season.
Candy is always a great gift, and Shug Love has the packaging game down to an art!
I don't think I have a single friend who has a coaster that isn't cardboard. These are so much better! And even if they never use them, they're stunning.
These great handwoven scarves are created by women in Africa and help create sustainable small business cooperatives to help fight poverty.
Great for the host to keep or serve!
Just like coasters, I'm certain people don't buy aprons for themselves. But they make for cute, classy gifts for that friend who loves to bake cookies!
You can never have enough pretty bottle stoppers!
Fancy bartending tools for all the fancy bartenders on your list.
A pair of pretty earrings shows her that you know she's more than just a hostess!
Candle sets are amazing. Step up your game with this Lucky-approved set—seriously, our editors can't get enough Diptyque.
Maybe it'll inspire the hostess to throw that pancake party you've been bugging her about.
Every good hostess needs a set of beautiful glasses in which to serve her signature cocktails!
Don't be afraid of the personalized gifts! They really give ordinary items that special touch.
This would make an excellent gift for your favorite recently-married hostess pal.
Don't forget to stock it with music!
Decanters are one of those things only really fancy adults have. Or at least that's what I've always thought. But they're perfect for those knowledgeable whiskey drinkers on your list.
On the flip side, these personalized mugs are great for cozying up next to the fire with a good book.
These graphic candles are great for the fashion-savvy hostess!
Guest soaps are next-level classy. Let your favorite hostess know how much you appreciate being her guest with this stunning set of tiny ones!
You thought your friends threw awesome dinner parties once they discovered truffle oil? Give them this truffle salt and watch what happens.
Ditch that bottle opener that's been around since college for a much nicer pairing!
Harney and Sons offers an incredible variety of tin tea sets, any of which is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Nothing says "thanks for always throwing the best parties!" like a relaxing cup of tea.
Neiman Marcus has a variety of these beautiful trays to choose from. Whether they're for keys, jewelry or spare change, they're sure to come in handy.
Aromatherapy is one of those cool things that you'd never buy yourself—which clearly makes it a great gift. And we love that the Weekender pack includes scents called Passion, Sleep and Hangover!
With six different spices, Just Cook isn't just a stylish package—it's the real deal.