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You can have a very happy holiday, care of Instagram. Who knew?
Instagram Cards
I love a holiday card. There's a big bin of holiday cards I receive from various heads of state at my house, and it just gets bigger and bigger each year. There's nothing wrong with a family photo card, but throwing in your Instagram gives it an extra special touch. Plus, you can create 25 different cards if you like. But please, spare me the lengthy family update.
Instagram Gift Wrap
Remember when you were in elementary school and would sell wrapping paper to your relatives? We're way past those days now. lets you sync up Instagram or Facebook to create your own unique wrapping paper. Don't pick a selfie.
Instagram Book
Have a BFF that you Instagram with all the time? This is the perfect gift. Choose 50 photos and Printstagram will churn out two spiral-bound books. Memories! Bound memories!
Instagram Book #2
If a mini-book isn't your thing, try this hardcover edition. Think of it as the option for people who have coffee tables versus those who don't.
Instagram Canvas Print
An artfully-shot Instagram is a thing of beauty. With CanvasPop, the artistic nature of your Instagram can come to life in the physical world. An easy process for a great apartment upgrade.
Instagram Phone Case
It makes a ton of sense! You use your phone to take Instagrams, so why not use Instagram to protect your phone! Duh.
Instagram Watch
What better way to remind your friends and family that they should be thinking of you all the time than with a custom Instagram watch? Selfies encouraged on this one, folks.