Gift Guide: Six Ways To Have A Very Instagram Holiday

Instagram Cards

I love a holiday card. There's a big bin of holiday cards I receive from various heads of state at my house, and it just gets bigger and bigger each year. There's nothing wrong with a family photo card, but throwing in your Instagram gives it an extra special touch. Plus, you can create 25 different cards if you like. But please, spare me the lengthy family update.
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Senior Digital Projects Editor


Every year, the holidays seem a little more cookie-cutter. It's a mad dash from Thanksgiving dinner to Black Friday, to Small Business Saturday, to Cyber Monday and the consumption madness continues straight to the new year. It's all part of the game, I guess.

Maybe it's just because I'm older now, but the mass consumption takes some of that magic out of the holidays, cooling their typically warm nature. To remedy this, here are a few ways to make your gift-giving and merrymaking a little more personal this year—using Instagram.


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